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Water mist extinguishing

The fire protection market is developing and cannot stand a vacuum. The sprinkler systems used, very often due to the action of water, can cause more damage than that caused by fire. The use of gas installations in many facilities is associated with ensuring tightness and designing such an installation to protect the entire volume of the protected room, which may be associated with high costs. Very often the fire protection system has to be discreet or located in confined spaces, far away from the pumping station room. All of this makes none of the conventional security features perfect.

High-pressure Water Mist System is an innovative and breakthrough solution in the field of fire protection.

Water Mist

The location of the nozzles near the endangered areas allows you to extinguish the fire, reducing the temperature before it has time to spread. This is a great advantage in industrial applications when equipment needs to be cooled down and downtime and temperature spikes are avoided. The system allows you to achieve these goals without the need to close or separate protected areas. Water droplets are so tiny that they cause virtually no damage on priceless objects, a key factor in protecting buildings of architectural or historical value, libraries and archives that exclude the use of excessive water or chemicals.

Water mist and fog systems are a good alternative in situations where other extinguishing systems do not work. Its advantage for special applications is the discreet positioning of small tubes. The water mist system does not require airtight rooms and can be installed in the most complex structures and tight corners. It also allows the evacuation of people from the endangered areas during the operation of the system and during the firefighting action.

GM Sprinkler as a distributor of Danfoss high-pressure water mist Semco will provide you with comprehensive advice, design and installation of Sem-Safe®

The water mist system offered by GM Sprinkler is increasingly used in both industrial and public buildings. Minimizing the damage caused during the operation of extinguishing systems, and thus the costs, is a serious argument in favor of the use of water mist.

When it comes to high-rise buildings, the advantages of water mist are used in CFD smoke simulations, derogating from fire regulations and lowering the fire resistance classes of building elements.

What’s more, the high-pressure technology allows the use of one pump set that guarantees pressure on the fog nozzle on the 20, 30 or 40 floor of the building, without additional intermediate pumping stations. Along with a small water tank, the space valuable in this type of buildings is limited, and properly selected zone valves allow you to protect all existing applications – office, service, garage or server .

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