Implementation of security for objects from A to Z

We hope you will find our offer interesting. Fire installations are a wide range of systems that protect your property and employees against the effects of fire. We make permanent sprinkler, spray, foam, gas and water mist extinguishing devices. Together with the detection and control systems, we will implement a comprehensive fire protection system, ideally suited to your needs. At every stage of our work, we try to ensure the highest quality of services and products offered. Since 2005, we have been gaining the recognition of many customers, being able to boast of references from the most prestigious facilities in Poland and the entire Central Europe.

We are at your disposal at any time, should you wish to view the indicated installation made by our teams and consult our clients. We believe that by ordering us to perform another installation, you will increase a large group of satisfied customers and you will want to continue cooperation on subsequent investments.

Gas systems

Gas extinguishing systems are used wherever water or its solutions can cause losses comparable to fire or even more. The company’s value is, among others data placed on the server or in the archive. In such places, it is recommended to use gas extinguishing systems that ensure the effectiveness of extinguishing and protection against the effects of fire.

Gazowe instalacje gaśnicze

Water mist extinguishing

The fire protection market is developing and cannot stand a vacuum. The sprinkler systems used, very often due to the action of water, can cause more damage than that caused by fire. The use of gas installations in many facilities is associated with ensuring tightness and designing such an installation to protect the entire volume of the protected room, which may be associated with high costs. Very often the fire protection system has to be discreet or located in confined spaces, far away from the pumping station room. All of this makes none of the conventional security features perfect.

gaszenie mgła wodną

Sprinkler systems

The most popular Permanent Fire Extinguishing Devices are water systems. Sprinkler systems are the main group of such installations. Fully automatic, allowing for quick detection and extinguishing of a fire directly in the place of its occurrence.

The installation consists of sprinklers, control and alarm stations, a pumping station and a water reservoir integrated in the network of pipes.

systemy tryskaczowe

Hydrant systems

Hydrant installations mainly consist of devices securing the supply of extinguishing water (water tanks, water supply systems, industrial water networks or special fire networks, etc.) and distribution devices and installations (above-ground and underground hydrants, hydrant cabinets, pressure hoses, wall hydrants , nozzles, etc.). Hydrant fire protection systems are divided into external installations for extinguishing fires outside the protected facilities, in the open area and internal installations for extinguishing fires inside the protected facilities.

systemy hydrantowe