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Hydrant systems

Hydrant installations mainly consist of devices securing the supply of extinguishing water (water tanks, water supply systems, industrial water networks or special fire networks, etc.) and distribution devices and installations (above-ground and underground hydrants, hydrant cabinets, pressure hoses, wall hydrants , nozzles, etc.). Hydrant fire protection systems are divided into external installations for extinguishing fires outside the protected facilities, in the open area and internal installations for extinguishing fires inside the protected facilities.

The task of the hydrant installation is to provide enough water for the firefighting operation. The hydrant supply system supplies extinguishing water to all places in such a way that the entire building surface can be effectively extinguished. Valves located in appropriate places, secured with hydrant cabinets, have connections enabling the connection of the extinguishing hoses included in the set. The hydrant installation must be supplied with water of appropriate parameters, including proper flow and pressure.

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