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Sprinkler systems

The most popular Fixed Fire Fighting Equipment are water systems . The main group of such installations are sprinkler systems . Fully automatic, allowing for quick detection and extinguishing of a fire directly in the place of its occurrence.

The installation consists of sprinklers, control and alarm stations, a pumping station and a water reservoir integrated in the network of pipes.

The mechanism of operation of the installation is based on the detection of fire by sprinklers – nozzles with thermo-sensitive ampoules, which burst under the influence of increasing temperature, allowing the outflow of water in the installation directly above the source of the fire. Due to the pressure drop in the pipelines, the control and alarm valve is opened and the sprinkler pump is started. By connecting the installation to monitoring, the fire signal is sent to the facility staff and the State Fire Service for further rescue operation.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems can be divided into three categories:

  • Wet systems where the entire installation is filled with water. They are used in rooms with positive temperature (e.g. shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, offices.
  • Dry systems where the pipework upstream of the control and alarm station is filled with compressed air or nitrogen. Used in rooms with sub-zero temperatures (e.g. cold stores, freezers, underground car parks).
  • Pre-controlled dry installations, i.e. systems in which the signal about fire is sent from a control panel connected to double safety sprinklers. The fire is extinguished in the case of simultaneous activation of both mechanisms, which allows to eliminate incorrect operation. They are used in rooms where there is a need to minimize the occurrence of accidental flooding (server rooms, archives with documents, libraries, etc.)

Deluge and sprinkler systems , unlike sprinkler systems, are equipped with open nozzles, thanks to which, in the event of a fire, the system is activated immediately.

There are several types of control, including hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and pre-response, depending on the object to be protected. It is also possible to manually activate / deactivate the system in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

Sprinkler systems are used for cooling technological devices, tanks and extinguishing rooms where there is a likelihood of rapid fire development, e.g. refineries, transformers, paint shops, waste incineration plants, tanks for flammable liquids.

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