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Gas extinguishing systems are used wherever water or its solutions can cause losses comparable to fire or even more. The company’s value is, among others data placed on the server or in the archive. In such places, it is recommended to use gas extinguishing systems that ensure the effectiveness of extinguishing and protection against the effects of fire.

The systems we propose are classified as clean extinguishing agents, the effect of which depends on the type of extinguishing agent. These are products that have gained recognition around the world, including: FM 200, ProInert, Novec and others.


The FM200 gas extinguishing installation is based on the use of an extinguishing agent that enables effective and quick retrieval of energy from the fire and the final interruption of the combustion process, without reducing the oxygen concentration in the air. Therefore, does not pose a threat to human life .

FM200 is one of the most effective and most frequently used extinguishing agents, recommended in facilities that require special protection, such as museums, server rooms, electrical switchboards, archives and libraries. Systems based on FM200 gas have been successfully used all over the world for over 40 years.

The FM200 FIKE extinguishing system offered by the GM Sprinkler company is based on low-pressure installations with tanks, the working pressure of which does not exceed 25 bar. The system constructed in this way allows to effectively protect the rooms with minimal costs of its adaptation to the requirements.

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